Characteristics of 24 Growth Branches

(based on Form 27 data over a 3 year period)

  • Size didn’t seem to make a difference as they were a mix of large and small branches. The median membership was 135
  • They were a mix of geographies: urban, retirement and rural
  • They had an average net membership increase of three members a year

We concluded, “Success did not depend on location or branch size”

But, these 24 branches were doing things differently than the non-growth branches.  Which of the following actions do you think made a difference?

  • Big Sir’s focus on recruiting at every opportunity
  • Incentives for bringing guests
  • Entertaining speakers
  • Attractive venue for lunch
  • Space to mingle
  • Excellent member communications using multiple sources
  • An active, up to date website
  • Focus on member relations and retention
  • Formal new member orientation
  • A four to six month follow up with new members to check on satisfaction
  • Activities which encouraged member’s ladies to join in

If you said “ALL of them” you are right! A single branch might not have done all of these actions, but each of the growing branches did most of them.

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