Developing Branch Goals and Action Plans

Step 1.  Establish the Vision

  • Make goals broad, not just one or two activities
  • Write them down
  • Make each goal realistic, specific and measurable
  • Start goals with an active verb (Achieve, Implement, Develop, Initiate, Communicate, etc.)

Step 2.  Action Plan Specific Activities that Ensure Goal Accomplishment

  • Develop them mutually with those responsible for achieving them.  “We tend to support that which we create.”
  • Break goals into specific, time-based actions
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Establish start and completion dates
  • Set priorities

Step 3.  Execute
Track monthly progress from start to end
Communicate monthly progress
Provide feedback

  • How are we doing?
  • What is helping goal attainment
  • What is hindering goal attainment

Step 4.  Review
Celebrate goal accomplishment
Identify reason(s) for non-accomplishment
Keep setting goals to improve performance in other areas

Setting branch goals and action plans
You can use the Branch Assessment and Goal and Action Planning Worksheet to improve your branch.
1. Have your BEC complete the Branch Assessment
2. Discuss everyone’s ratings and reconcile them
3. Complete the Goal Worksheet by setting goals to overcome identified areas of improvement
4. Use the RAMP Toolkit to stimulate thinking about goals and action plans you could establish that would improve your branch
5. Follow up on action planning monthly or bi-monthly, and revise things that don’t seem to be working

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